Children Need Parents


Child abuse and trauma are serious issues damaging families across the world. While neither issue is contemporary, the ways in which they are affecting our children have become increasingly more insidious.  Even more problematic is the inability of mental health professionals, social workers, and employees of the court to identify the root of such malicious abuse.



The documentary that should be released in late 2020 or early 2021 will be the first of a dramatic and immersive series covering what doctors are now labeling a “serious form of child abuse,” known as Parental Alienation. This highly undetected yet uniquely common form of abuse is exceedingly dysfunctional due to its merciless manipulation of the child. Children suffer permanent and lifelong damage from the exposure of emotional and psychological abuse from the alienating parent. In more sever cases children are neglected, sexually abused or murdered as the outcome of a parental alienation case. Annihilating healthy families in its path, Parental Alienation also has detrimental effects to targeted parents like depression, bankruptcy, and suicide. Often the alienating parent has an undiagnosed personality disorder, psychosis, and an underlying drug addiction that feverishly drives them to demonize the target parent. The alienating parent will trash talk the target parent and tell the child that the target parent wants to “kill the whole family and that’s why we have to hide". Imagine, being a seven-year-old child and being told that daddy wants to hunt mommy down and kill the family in front of you.  As extreme as it sounds it is all too common in cases where the target parent has an undiagnosed mental illness. In some instances, the alienating parent suffering from psychosis has murdered the children upon reversal of custody in court. These perpetrators are enabled to commit these heinous acts, and the corrupt system of Family Law empowers them to do so. These reasons are among many as to why it is of utmost importance to bring this horrible and sly form of child abuse into the spotlight.


Currently 21 million parents and children in the United States alone are brutally suffering from this terrible breakdown of healthy relationships. Experts have spent decades trying to end this pestilence with little avail. Facts have shown that perpetrators (and anyone aiding them) blatantly lie in court with no repercussions of perjury. Other disturbing and caustic behaviors from the perpetrator are often overlooked or minimized in court, leaving alienated parents hopeless. This incompetence from the court systems needs to be addressed and legislature drawn to hold members of this corrupt system accountable for the irreversible trauma that these children have been subjected to. The world needs change, here and now for the sake of millions of children trapped in the horrors of this deterioration.